Focus on apps, not hardware

Support for Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .NET, and Ruby

Autoscale to meet demand and save money

Deploy thousands of instances in minutes

Integrated health, monitoring, and load balancing

Automatic operating system and application patching



Whether you've experienced a positive spike in business or the demand for a more efficient solution has become apparent, Azure has you covered.

Launch innovative new services at lightning speed, and scale data storage and capabilities instantly.


Cost Savings

The migration will have fewer expenses upfront and ongoing. This goes beyond the costs for hardware and energy consumption, because you'll also reduce other costs. Since your Cloud provider is responsible for security, your security costs are also built-in, saving you money in ongoing updates.

Microsoft takes their customers' confidence seriously, which is why they invest heavily in modern security measures to safeguard their customers' critical data. And with an enterprise-grade cloud, you can expect to pay only for the resources you use. If you need more, you can easily scale to meet your volume or demand, without reworking your entire setup.


There’s a Service for Anything You Need

There are literally hundreds of a la carte services in Azure. This means the next time you need an app or service, Azure is where you or your IT team should search first.

No need to start from scratch as many apps can be integrated into your existing frameworks and tailored to meet your needs. You also have access to substantial licensing discounts for migrating apps to Azure.


Fully Managed Services

Aside from cost savings, the time your IT and development teams will save once you migrate is astounding. They’ll no longer need to research the latest security threats and design, test and implement new security strategies. That means no more time invested in redesigning or optimising your network.

This is all included as part of your monthly managed services. Yes, you may still need your IT team to integrate and customise your software, but the majority of their time can be invested elsewhere. You may even be able to downsize your IT department.


Disaster Recovery

Even the most advanced in-house and on-site recovery models have their weaknesses. For example, most data would be lost in the event of a fire. Take the stress out of backing up your data and securing your sensitive client, company and proprietary data with a geographically decentralised disaster recovery plan.

By hosting your ERP solution on Microsoft Azure, you can recover lost data in minutes, not hours or days!


Remote Access

With the rise in employees working while on-the-go, working after hours, logging into work while traveling, working remotely, and serving a global base of internal and external customers—comes the need for ease of access.

Microsoft Azure supports this need by empowering your enterprise to tailor your remote login options. You may not choose to provide full access but can pick and choose what is most pertinent to offer remotely.

Microsoft 365 for Business includes:


Office suite

Always have the latest version of:








Office on PCs, tablets and phones

Enjoy a fully installed Office experience across PCs. Macs. Windows tablets. iPad® and Android“ tablets. and most mobile devices. Each ID I user can Install Office on 5 PCs or Macs. 5 tablets (Windows. IPad. and Android). and 5 phones



Plus these online services


File storage and sharing

Office online

Proffesional digital storytelling

Communication and work management



Active Directory Integration

Up to date



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